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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors Game in Python

Instructions Make a rock, paper, scissors game. Inside the file, you’ll find the ASCII art for the hand signals already saved to a corresponding variable: rock, paper, and scissors. This will make it easy to print them out to the console. Start the game by asking the player: “What do you choose? Type 0 for Rock, 1 for Paper […]

Love Calculator in Python

You are going to write a program that tests the compatibility between two people. To work out the love score between two people: Take both people’s names and check for the number of times the letters in the word TRUE occurs. Then check for the number of times the letters in the word LOVE occurs. […]

POS system for Beginner in Python

Congratulations, you’ve got a job at Python Pizza.Your first job is to build an automatic pizza order program.Based on a user’s order, work out their final bill.Small Pizza: $15Medium Pizza: $20Large Pizza: $25Pepperoni for Small Pizza: +$2Pepperoni for Medium or Large Pizza: +$3Extra cheese for any size pizza: + $1 Example Inputsize = “L”add_pepperoni = […]

leap year logic

Leap Year in Python

Write a program that works out whether if a given year is a leap year. A normal year has 365 days, leap years have 366, with an extra day in February. The reason why we have leap years is really fascinating, this video does it more justice: This is how you work out whether if […]

BMI Calculator in Python

BMI Calculator in Python

Write a program that interprets the Body Mass Index (BMI) based on a user’s weight and height. It should tell them the interpretation of their BMI based on the BMI value. Under 18.5 they are underweight Over 18.5 but below 25 they have a normal weight Over 25 but below 30 they are slightly overweight […]

Even or Odd Number Check in Python

Instructions : Even or Odd Number Check Write a program that works out whether if a given number is an odd or even number. Even numbers can be divided by 2 with no remainder. e.g. 86 is even because 86 ÷ 2 = 43 43 does not have any decimal places. Therefore the division is clean. e.g. […]